10 funny things about diabetes (that only diabetics will laugh at)

Dealing with diabetes can be a tiring and sometimes draining experience. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Here are 10 things about diabetes that I hope you relate to and make you laugh, and that probably only diabetics will really understand.  If you have any of your own, please share them at the bottom of the page.

1. Explaining to your 6 year old daughter why you eat all of her chocolate in the fridge last night.  “Daddy really needed them” doesn’t provide a 6 year old with much understanding as to why Daddy would buy her chocolates, and then eat them all in and frenzy at midnight.

Why did you eat all of my chocolates?

2. Walking around the supermarket with your children and filling the basket with sweets, but not allowing them to buy any.  Explaining somewhat bizarrely that these are ‘Daddy’s special sweets’.

3. Being asked by someone if they can borrow your pen (people on insulin will understand this one).  Then wondering what would happen if you actually did lend it to them.

4.Being seen in public taking an insulin shot.  Realising that people now believe you are openly taking drugs.  Especially worrying if you also happen to live in Singapore.

Can I borrow your pen? By all means, go ahead!

Can I borrow your pen? By all means, go ahead!

5. People wondering why you aren’t eating your own birthday cake. People wondering why you aren’t eating their birthday cake.

6. Being asked by friends what they should do if you ever pass out from low blood sugar.  “Should I stab you with your epi-pen?” Responding that no, I would rather you just call someone else.

7. Telling people you can’t eat sweet things, and then eating huge quantities of sweet things in front of them when you blood sugar is low.

8. Seeing the next ‘new cure’ for diabetes is imminent.  Imminent in 2050.

9. Sitting on an airplane testing your blood when the passenger next to looks at your blood testing meter.  Seeing their reaction when it starts counting down from 5.

10. Being told by your GP that one upside of diabetes is that Viagra is free for diabetics on prescription in the UK.  Reflecting that that’s really scraping the barrel in the search for positives.