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I wrote this book after ten years of living with diabetes in Singapore and having spent a lot of that time researching the subject and finding the best methods possible to manage the disease – both Type 1 and Type 2. This book distils ten years of learning into an easily digestible book. I don’t try and cover too much detail, as I believe that it is best to remain easily understandable and practical.

If you struggle to maintain your blood sugar at the levels you want, this book is for you. It will help you to understand what causes blood sugar to rise and fall and how to make improvements, starting today.

You may be newly diagnosed or had the condition for a long while. Whatever the case, this book will help you. It will require you to make sacrifices and some of them may prove difficult. It will require you to leave some of your favorite foods out of your diet. It will require you to take up exercise.

If you follow my methods, you will see results. Depending on how quickly you are willing or able to change, you may be able to notice an immediate difference. If you find change hard, this book will at least give you a full understanding of the subject and arm you well for future decisions you make.

I try and keep my treatment of diabetes light and where possible use humor to get my point across. Don’t misunderstand this and think that I do not think diabetes is a serious disease, it very much is. The problem is that you see too much sensational writing in the media and scare stories, which can put people off from accepting and understanding the issues. For this reason, I hope this is a positive book to read and encourages you to take the first steps, or improve where you find yourself today.

The book is written by someone who lives in Singapore, but the messages apply far more broadly, across Asia and further afield. The reason that I have addressed this specifically to Asians, is that I believe that there is a growing epidemic in this region, and that the level of knowledge is low – on lifestyle, diet, nutrition and how to cope with the disease.

The statistics are alarming, as you will discover in this book. But your own outcome needn’t be alarming. You can live a long, healthy life with diabetes and this book will show you how.

I hope you enjoy this book and I look forward to receiving your feedback.