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New: Some great advice on diet in this attachment

This from the book The Fat? Fat’s In, Sugar’s out. An excellent short overview of the approach to low carb eating: theskinny

New: Gathering statistics on HbA1c in Singapore

Hi – I’ve launched a poll on Facebook to see what the average A1c is in Singapore. Please take part and I will release the results soon.  This will help us gauge how… Continue reading

Is he having a hypo, a hyper, or a hippo?

Hypoglycemia or ‘hypo’ for short is one of the toughest aspects of having diabetes, especially for people relying on insulin injections. This is quite different from a hippo, which is a large, mostly… Continue reading

The first Robo-Diabetic in Singapore

Ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes nearly ten years ago, I have relied on my trusty blood sugar meter to give me an understanding of my blood sugar and to help me… Continue reading

Hawker food – Carbohydrate chart

The column to look for its the CHO (g) per serving.  This indicates the carbohydrate content and therefore sugar which will be released into the blood.  Very few of these look suitable for… Continue reading

What to eat as a diabetic in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its cuisine internationally. There is a fantastic eating culture in Singapore and the range of foods from China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia is incredible.  It’s one of real the… Continue reading

Book now available! ONLY $8.50 (SGD) I wrote this book after ten years of living with diabetes in Singapore and having spent a lot of that time researching the subject and finding the best methods… Continue reading

Eight types of diabetic – which one are you?

Partly tongue in cheek, partly almost factual, here are 8 types of diabetic. Which one are you? 1) The Big Mac (Upsize) This person is a product of fast food.  A home dweller… Continue reading

Free blood sugar guides

Contact me if you’d like one of these:

For diabetics, knowledge is king

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 or care for someone who does, one of the first things you need to realize is that diabetes is completely different from most other diseases… Continue reading

Dancing, not fighting, with diabetes.

There are positives in having diabetes?  Are you serious? Being diagnosed with diabetes comes as a shock, and can be a frightening experience for many people. For me, it was the same and… Continue reading

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Type 2, not type 1 light

This article published this week in the Daily Mail, gave me pause for thought.  The UK’s Daily Mail publishes a lot of celebrity gossip mostly featuring bikinis, and other pieces of tittle tattle, but… Continue reading

A meal without wine is called breakfast

One of the real pleasures in life for me is wine.  I love wine, collect it, and have a real passion for it.  You can imagine therefore that I was very concerned about whether… Continue reading

The problem with rice

There is not getting away from the fact that Singaporeans like to eat white rice.  So did I, before I was diagnosed with diabetes, its a core part of the eating culture, and of… Continue reading

Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

  Most people know the adage that that there is no such things as a free lunch; that’s even more the case for people with diabetes. Brands promoting themselves as ‘diabetic’, or ‘sugar… Continue reading

Diabetes at work

One of my major concerns when I first was diagnosed with diabetes was the impact it would have on my work.  I was  concerned that the regular testing and insulin shots during the day would… Continue reading

Test, test and test again

I test my blood sugar between 5-15 times a day. I know that will seem extreme to many of you, but in my mind its the only way to be sure that my… Continue reading

Low carb is the way for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

If there was one piece of advice I could give to anybody who has been diagnosed with diabetes, it would be to read Dr Bernstein’s ‘diabetes solution’.  I am not exaggerating when I… Continue reading