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Loving exercise with diabetes

I have always loved sport, and in particular football. As a child in England, I would spend most of my time kicking a football and I have never lost the enthusiasm for the game. … Continue reading

Diabetes at work

One of my major concerns when I first was diagnosed with diabetes was the impact it would have on my work.  I was  concerned that the regular testing and insulin shots during the day would… Continue reading

Top ten tips

Here are my top ten diabetes tips! 1) Own it! You are largely responsible for your own outcomes.  The Specialist can help, but you have to take responsibility. 2) Read, learn and educate… Continue reading

Test, test and test again

I test my blood sugar between 5-15 times a day. I know that will seem extreme to many of you, but in my mind its the only way to be sure that my… Continue reading